Club Recieves $5,000 Grant For Irrigation Upgrade

The Carlisle Soccer Club has received a $5,000 grant from the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership.

Grant funds will help the Club upgrade its irrigation system with a new electric motor, pump and future underground irrigation system.

"We’re excited to have been awarded this grant," says Lisa Wilson, Carlisle Soccer Club director of development. "We’re getting ready to take a huge step toward improving our fields and this grant is a great first step toward an investment in our Club and in soccer in Carlisle.

The Club will soon purchase an electric motor to replace the gas-powered engine that failed last July, pay for supplies to run electrical service to the motor and a new pump that will eventually supply in-ground irrigation. A lot of the labor for the project will be done by volunteers and through in-kind donations of service.

The Warren County Philanthropic Partnership was organized to promote and enhance community based philanthropy in Warren County. The Warren Count Philanthropic Partnership recently received a state award to facilitate endowment building and grant making.

The contribution to the foundation was made possible by the Iowa General Assembly. In 2004 the Iowa legislature passed several bills to encourage foundation building and community based philanthropy. 

Among these measures was H.F. 2032 which provided that non-gambling counties, initiating a county-wide community foundation would be eligible to receive on half of one percent of the stat’s gross gambling tax receipts.

Eighteen grant applications were received and eleven organizations across Warren County shared in the funding allocations.

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