Monthly Archives: May 2010

Hey, coach?!

Every season, the Carlisle Soccer Club struggles as we set up teams for the new season because we don’t have enough coaches. And registration for the fall season is now open!

Have you ever thought about coaching? If so, now’s the time to give it a shot.

We provide a variety of informal and formal club-level training and actively support our coaches’ participation at state-level training to create the best atmosphere for becoming a better soccer player. Specifically, the Carlisle Soccer Club rewards coaches for completing a youth module administered by the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA), and we provide partial reimbursement for E- and D-level certification from ISA.Coaching modules and E license courses are a great way to learn from experienced coaches. You’ll learn what motives and drives youth soccer players, how to teach them the critical fundamental techniques of the game and how to play with purpose and strategy.

And you’ll help your Club get stronger.

Some of our coaches have been coaching for several years and others are just getting started. Some have played the game before, but others have never touched a soccer ball. Most have had success coaching, no matter their skill. What’s important is their motivation! 

If you’d like to learn more about coaching, talk to Ken Sadler, director of coaching at 321-6221. He’ll make sure we find a place for you this fall season.