New Parking Configuration At The Complex

The Complex has changed a little bit since you left the last game last fall. We’ve installed our new sign at the new entrance and put up a new fence in the northwest corner of the complex to separate the cars from the fields.

That means that the new entrance is at the center of the complex. So, when you arrive at the complex from the west, drive east, past the old entrance to the center gate. When you enter, turn right. You can park facing the fence – to the south – or facing the road. Please enter through the center gate and exit through the west gate.

We have six marked handicapped spaces near the pass through gates…please leave those for our guests who have handicapped tags on their cars.

At the far west side, there is a chain in the fence for emergency vehicle access, so please do not park in front of that area. There’s also a no parking zone near the concession stand so that vehicles can get through that area. There are no lines on the dirt and grass, so please use common sense when choosing where to park.

And if someone asks you to move your car, assume that they are doing it for a good reason and smile! We want to make this a great experience for EVERYONE that comes to Carlisle, including those from out of town.

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