Concession stand is back open this season!

The soccer season opener is just around the corner. Opening games are Saturday/Sunday (March 30/April 1). We WILL have a concession stand again this year on Sunday afternoons, thanks to the efforts of our new director of volunteers, Melissa Karnatz and all the volunteers that have signed up to help out. The concession stand is an important part of the experience at the Carlisle Soccer Complex and provides a valuable service for families watching games on Sunday afternoons, so please make sure you fill your assigned time.

And thanks in advance for helping make soccer in Carlisle possible!

Here’s the schedule!

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  1. Brian Wilson

    ATTN ALERT !!!!! The clubs John Deere mower and the Wilson’s personal trailer has been stolen from the residence of the Wilson’s, which Brian has been doing the mowing the last 3 years at the complex, please if you have ANY information please contact the leagues president or me through e-mail @ Thank you !!

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