Frequently Asked Questions about our new uniforms

The Club will be getting new uniforms starting in the fall 2012 season. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this decision:

1. Why is the club changing uniforms?


The club chose to move to new uniforms for a number of different reasons. Clubs generally review uniforms every 3-4 years based mainly on availability of the existing uniforms and feedback on the quality of the existing uniform. In our case, the club had received a substantial amount of negative feedback over the years about the grey uniforms. Mainly, the feedback was centered around quality and style (why aren’t you using Carlisle colors?)

The decision on the U6 and U8 uniforms was based on the need to have an alternative to wearing practice pinnies, which was uniformly disliked. We explored a number of different options and felt that the reversible was the best option for the club. Red and White home and away shirts were used several years ago, but we found that it was too difficult to remember which shirt to wear. With the reversible, you always have both jerseys.

2. Which uniform do I need?

U6 and U8 players will use the red and white reversible jersey with red shorts and red socks

U10 – U19 players will wear the red and yellow striped jersey with black shorts and red socks.

3. Where do I get my uniform?

All uniforms are to be purchased at Soccer Connections, located at 3233 100th Street in Urbandale (515-270-8141). Note that the Grand Avenue location is now closed and they have an expanded store at the Urbandale location.

4. When do I need to order my uniform?

To guarantee delivery of your uniform by the first game, your order needs to be placed by July 15.

5. My child has played before; can they use the same shorts from the old uniform?

If you child has played in previous seasons, they can use there existing shorts and socks if they are U6/U8. Soccer Connections has a full uniform kit that you can purchase (jersey, shorts, socks) or you can just purchase the pieces that you need.

6. Can I choose my own uniform number?

Yes, the club does not attempt to track or manage uniform numbers. If you have a specific number that you want, you can request it, if not, a random number will be assigned.

7. Are there special washing instructions for the new uniform?

The numbers and club logo are heat transferred to the uniform. To ensure that both the number and logo do not degrade over time, it is recommended that you hang dry the uniform. If you are in a pinch and must dry the jersey, dry it inside out to protect the number and logo.

8. How are the uniforms sized?

The new uniforms are sized differently than our previous uniforms, especially the striped jersey. The style is a more European soccer style and runs smaller than normal. I highly recommend that you go into the store to try on the jersey. Please do not call and ask what size your child needs. The only way to ensure you get the right size is to try on the jersey.

9. What is the cost of the uniforms?

U6/U8 kit:
• High Five Reversable Jersey $17 (with logo printing)
• High Five Red Short $8
• Red Socks $5

U10-U19 kit
• Joma Pisa 12 Jersey $35 (with number and embroidered logo)
• Joma Black Short $10.50
• Joma Red Socks $4.20

10. What other equipment do I need?


• Shinguards $10 – $30
• Soccer cleats $20 – ?
• Soccer Ball $10 – $50 depending on quality

Other optional equipment
• Bag/Backpack $20 – $50


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact a board member.

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