Early Arts Festival results are in: $2000+ in tips!


It’s been about two weeks since the Arts Festival has ended at and it’s been made pretty clear that Carlisle Soccer Club volunteers are ROCK STARS! Thanks to the very hard work of Melissa Karnatz (that’s her, right, counting tips during a lull in the crowd) and David Gutierrez (that’s him, below, chilling over a cooler full of adult beverages as the chief beer-grabber during most of the event’s three days) and and amazing group of volunteers, we achieved fantastic results.


Josh Baxter
Joe Fortelka
Brian Preston
Tracy VanZante
Ken Sadler
Krista Beck
Lisa Christie
Melanie Coon
Brandy Neer
Jill Davey
Nichole Wyckoff
Clint Smalley
Mark True
Mark Beck

William Rick
Gaylene Rick
Cinda Durrell

Shawn Durrell

Aimee Grismore
Shanna Nablo
Melissa Sadler
Eric Birkenholtz
Chad Egan
Julie Fitgerald
Phillip Medina
Sharon Clark
Katie Lewis
Jodi Reed
Jen Yates
Lynn Yates
Dawn Payne

Brian Payne

Tara Morris
John Kamerick

Tiffany Kamerick

Tom Staecker
Tom Nelson
Kyle Brown
Mellanie Brown
Jeff Lierow
Bill Polka
Brendie Polka
Carrie Swain
Marty Northway

Please forgive us if we didn’t catch everybody’s name, but suffice it to say that it was a fantastic team effort!

"We ran the Arts Festival this year," wrote Mellisa in a Club-wide email after the event."We walked away with more than $2100 in tips alone!"

It will be a couple months before we learn how much of the proceeds we earned from sales.We’re looking for some great numbers because, Friday night we were second in sales and Saturday we were first! 

"I’m telling you….people love us!" wrote Melissa. "Our energy was what brought us our customers!  It is because of our volunteers that we were able to pull off what we did!

"I cannot say THANK YOU enough! I know that it took time away from schedules and family to be able to come help us out." she said. "I hope that each and every single one of you know just how much our volunteers are appreciated!" 


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