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Get your Carlisle Soccer on!

Fall weather is coming, so that means it’s time to get your Carlisle Soccer Fan Gear. Hats, caps, shirts, warm ups and other great logo gear are available from Iowa-based Van Ginkle’s sporting goods.

Download the Carlisle gear order form, fill it out and turn it in with your check (made out to VanGinkles’ Sporting Goods) to the concession stand by September 26th. You can pick up your order at the concession stand two weeks later!

If you have questions, contact Mark True or Lisa Wilson.

Season opens with new, larger complex plans

As teams hit the pitch for the fall soccer season on Saturday, August 28, plans for an expanded Carlisle Soccer Complex were unveiled for a crowd of around 75 players, parents and supporters. The plan calls for doubling of the current complex and improvements including underground irrigation, a new concession stand, restrooms and a full-sized, lighted soccer field.

"Since the soccer club was re-generated about seven years ago, we found the money for the things that we needed right away, including a lawn mower, the above-ground sprinkler, the concession stand and, just this past spring, electricity, a new pump and motor," says Mark True, Club president. "We also secured a long-term lease on our property so now we’re able to look down the road and, strategically, seek larger donors and grants to achieve bigger goals." 

Master Planning
The Carlisle Soccer Club board of directors went through a two-month-long master planning process under the guidance of Des Moines-based RDG Planning/. The four-phase expansion and enhancement plan calls for the addition of irrigation to current fields and expansion of the complex to 27 acres. A park-like plaza area will feature a natural play area for kids and a wetlands will be created in the flood-prone area of the property.

"It could be a decade or more to reach completion of the vision, depending upon our success in raising funds, but we now know our destination," says True. "We’ve moved around town to different locations, saved our pennies and won several grants to make and maintain a home at our current location, and this is our vision for making it even better."

Four Phases
The expansion will happen in four phases, the first of which will cost around $175,000, and include a new parking lot and entry along the northern edge of the complex, extensive seeding and field preparation, fencing, underground irrigation and preparing existing area of the complex for new fields. Phase 2 includes irrigation of more fields, landscaping and additional field preparation for around $220,000. Phase 3 includespreparation of and installation of irrigation of new fields on an additional 12 acres, security lighting and a gravel parking lot for around $525,000. Phase 4 includes a new expanded concession stand with restrooms, a full-size (120 yds. x 80 yds) pitch, bleachers, lighting and fencing for just under $1 million.

As outlined in the plan, the retail cost to complete the project is $2 million, but Club leaders expect to reduce those costs by using in-kind labor and donated materials, where possible. The board will be seeking larger grants and meeting with corporate donors who have a connection to supporting soccer, and who want to see quality of life in the southeast metro area improve.

At the unveiling, Carlisle Mayor Ruth Randleman (pictured above right, talking to Doug Adamson of RDG Planning) showed her support for the plan and said it fits very well with the city’s master plan, which includes a recreational area surrounding the soccer complex.

"Carlisle’s turn to get into the game"
"With a new long-term lease in place and a well-documented master plan, we’re better positioned to go after larger grants and donations from national organizations, including the United States Soccer Association," says Lisa Wilson, director of fund raising. "Other soccer clubs in Central Iowa have won these grants, and now it’s Carlisle’s turn to get into the game."

"Our community doesn’t have a history of having a lot of money for projects like this, but time and time again, members of our community have stepped up to offer their labor, their good ideas and their support whenever we’ve asked," says True. "Now, there’s a goal that we all can see, very clearly." 

Strategic Plan
The Club’s board of directors (pictured below right) also recently completed a strategic planning process to identify strategies and tactics to help the Club continue to expand and offer a higher level of soccer in the community.

"One key point that came out of the master planning process for the complex and the strategic planning is the need for more involvement," says True. "We’ve accomplished a lot over the past seven years, but now we’re taking it to another level to provide a great soccer experience here in Carlisle. We’re going to need more involvement by people who have typically sat on the sidelines….literally and figuratively. When we ask our parents for help, we really need them to say ‘yes.’

And the more who say ‘yes,’ the less work for everybody involved."

The Key is fund raising
With this large of a project, a key need is fundraising. The Club has rejected door-to-door sales, seeking grants, business donations and fund raising events. Now, we have to identify sources of money for health, wellness and children’s causes.If you’d like to work at your own pace, like to do Internet research or have any experience writing grants, please contact LIsa Wilson, director of fundraising (989-0031).

As we accomplish our goals for each phase, we’re going to need others with special skills and equipment, to help us install parts of the irrigation system, prepare the soil for seeding and other grounds keeping activities. If you have a little time to give, and like to be outside, please contact Ryan Woodruff, director of facilities. (208-6328).

If you have a business that can donate money, equipment or services – or you work for an organization with a charitable giving process – we’d love to hear from you. Just contact Lisa.

If you have construction experience, irrigation installation experience, engineering skills or similar talents, or necessary construction equipment, contact Jason Timmins, project coordinator for our expansion and enhancement plan (971-6409).

The Carlisle Soccer Board members are (pictured below, left to right) Manny Garcia, Ryan Woodruff, Dawn Payne, Bridgett Davis, Ken Sadler, Chad Oppedal, Mark True, Steve Overton, Krista Beck, Lisa Wilson and Joe Fortelka (not pictured).


Saturday, August 28th: opening cermony and big announcement

Saturday, August 28th is the day. 12 noon is the time for our opening ceremonies at the Carlisle Soccer Club. We’ll be making a big announcement about the future of soccer in Carlisle and celebrating with hot dogs and chips. Will you be there?

Small, hard-working crew handles the heat of fall workday

A small group of dedicated folks braved the heat of the day to hep prepare the Carlisle Soccer Complex for the fall season on Saturday, August 21st.

They set marker ropes for the parking lot, lined fields, placed goals, repaired nets and thinned out a lot of dead trees in the tree line (check out the before and after photos above). Local business man Ed Dillman, of Dillman Grading, even stopped by to help smooth out our driveway.

We still need your help. Despite all the wet weather and the lateness of the season, sand burrs have reappeared despite the our application of the recommended chemical treatment earlier this year (does ANYBODY know how to kill these things until our grass gets dominant?). The good news is that our above ground sprinkler is working on a regular schedule again. 

If you have a pick up truck and can give us 15 minutes once a week, we’d appreciate your help with our watering program. Just contact Ryan Woodruff, director of facilities (208-6328).

Thank you, volunteers

Ben Dawson
Keaton, Quinn & Walter Walker
Ken & Melissa Sadler
Mark True
Rob Clark
Lisa & Brian Wilson
William & Gaylene Rick
Dave Kallemyn
Joe Fortelka
David Gutierrez
Ed Dillman

Making progress

It may have taken us a few years longer than expected, but the pump house has a roof, thanks to the hard work of Walter Walker(pictured), u10 girls coach, soccer dad and all-around hard worker. Walter donated some tin from an old barn on his acreage and put it on the pump house. Ben Dawson also helped get rid of the old pump hardware and helped with the tin. Next up: sides to provide some protection from the weather.

The new pump and controls have been installed and we’re now getting instruction in how to use it to keep our fields as irrigated as possible. It is ironic that the installation was delayed about two months because it was too wet to get the trucks onto the property. :-) The old motor blew a rod last July, and the new motor and controller were paid for, in part, with a grant from the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership.

Stay tuned to find out the date of the pre-season work day. We’ll need to mark new field locations, install nets, deploy the trash receptacles, place the benches near the fields and work on the parking area.

And remember, save the date: Saturday, August 28th. In the early afternoon (exact time to be determine as soon as we receive game schedules), we’ll be having opening ceremonies, free lunch and a big announcement for the Club. You’ll want to be there, trust me!

u13 Carlisle Crush Wins Twice At Iowa Games

The u13 Carlisle Crush girls soccer team (left) took two medals at this year’s Iowa Games, one for winning their division and the other for exhibiting excellent sporstmanship.

"I can’t express enough how proud we are of our girls!" said coach Jake Whipple. "They performed brilliantly and, more importantly, received the greatest honor of the Iowa Games: the Sportsmanship Medal!"

This is the second sportsmanship medal in two years for the Crush.

The Crush performed brilliantly throughout the tournament with a near-perfect record of 3-0-1, outscoring their opponents 11-4. In two games, the Crush held their opponent scoreless. But the matches were competitive with Ankeny Team Awesome tying the Crush and Logan Lady Reds proving to be very physical. The Crush played with skill, speed and as a team. All players earned the wins as the offense mixed up the attacks creating dozens of scoring opportunities, and the defense consistently pushed the opponent’s attacks to the outside.

"It was a very exciting tournament as the teams battled in the extreme heat," added Whipple.

Be sure to congratulate the following players for their outstanding performance and sportsmanship: Sierra Andreas, Victoria Carra, Jenna Castle, Jade Gibson, Kaleigh Haus, Lindsey Kamerick, Lexi Lambson, Jessica Payne, Katy Rick, Maddie Roberts, Mariah Sadler, Madison Staecker and Taylor Whipple.

The Crush was sponsored by Goodhue-Nolte Insurance of Carlisle and followed to Ames for the competition by dozens of fans (see photo below).

The Iowa Games is an Olympic style event with over 15,000 athletes competing in 54 different sports. Soccer is by far the largest with over 4,000 athletes and 278 teams competing.








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Week 8 report

The u10 Pink Panthers finished up their regular season with two well-played games. On Thursday, June 3rd, the Pink Panthers took on Northwest. Panther goalies Amie Berndt and Kennadie Arpy made several great saves. The Northwest team had strong and fast feet but our goalies were ready and waiting. The defenders had their work cut out for them as well in a back and forth game. Abbie Molina, Janetta Dawson and Alex McKibben were kept busy chasing down, blocking and stealing the ball from the Northwest offense. Ceora LeClaire and Kassidi Freel scored the only two Panther goals of the game. They came off great passes from fellow attackers Becca Reese, Aricka Lambson and Ali McKibben. This was a very physical game and the most challenging the girls had this season. A bright spot was the communication between players on the field and the game-long intensity they played with. The Panthers kept the "Panther Pack" (parent cheer squad) on the edge of their seats throughout the entire game. It was great win. 

On Saturday, June 5th, the Panthers played Urbandale. Goalies for the game were Aricka Lambson and Ceora. Urbandale scored in the first possession of the game.  Then the Panthers woke up and focused on the skills they learn at practice. Again, there was great passing, communication and positive encouragement. Goals were scored by four different players. Kassidi scored two, Becca scored one, Aricka scored one, and Ceora scored three to give the Panthers a 7-2 win over Urbandale. The defensive attack by Abbie, Janetta Dawson and Alex was great. Ali made several great assists throughout the game.  

The Panthers finished their regular season undefeated. Their next stop is the Kohls America’s Cup in (Ames June 12-13), then the Covered Bridge Tournament (Winterset, June 26th).  Let’s go Pink!

The u10 Thunder Cats took on a seasoned Soccer West team without two players on the final game of the spring season. The scoreboard showed a 5-10 loss, but the Cats played tough, demonstrating some great skill in the attack. Goalies Jonathan Kamerick, Carson True and Michael Comstock took a barrage of shots from the team that featured at least five players as big or bigger than the biggest ‘Cat. The kept some shots out with tough defense deep in their own end, but couldn’t stop the attackers in midfield. The Cats showed unrelenting hustle and precise passing when they had the ball on the attack. Michael Comstock scored first when he attacked a poor clearing pass by the Soccer South defender. In only one half of as an attacker, Jonathan Kamerick scored two goals off picture-perfect crosses from Nate Rowray, and another off a long run up the left side and shot inside the near post. Rowray tallied his own goal with shear determination, attacking a loose ball at the top of the box and faking out two defenders before launching the ball into the lower 90 of the goal. 

The ‘Cats finished the spring season with a respectable 4-2-2 record and head out on the tourney trail to the Kohl’s American Cup (Ames, June 12-13) and Covered Bridge Cup (Winterset, June 25-26).

Carlisle Soccer Earns Warren County, Carlisle Grants!

Carlisle Soccer has received a $770 grant from the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership. Grant funds will be used to help rebuild and beautify the entrance to the complex.

"Last summer’s construction project along the north edge of the complex meant that we had to remove a lot of trees, so we have a blank slate to work on," says Joy LeClaire, Carlisle Soccer Club president. "This grant will go a long way toward purchasing new trees and shrubbery.

"Now all we need is some volunteers and some additional donations to help us make it happen," she adds.

Volunteers interested in helping select and plant the trees and shrubs should contact Lisa Wilson, fund raising director. If you’d like to make a cash or in-kind donation to help us extend the grant, you may also contact Lisa.

The Warren County Philanthropic Partnership was organized to promote and enhance community based philanthropy in Warren County. The Partnership recently received a state award to facilitate endowment building and grantmaking. The contribution to the foundation was made possible by the Iowa General Assembly. In 2004, the Iowa legislature passed several bills to encourage foundation building and community based philanthropy. Among these measures was HF 2032 which provided that non-gambling counties, initiating a county-wide community foundation would be eligible to receive one half of one percent of the state’s gross gamblin tax receipts. Twenty six grant applications were received and twenty two organizations across Warren County shared in the funding allocations.

This is Carlisle Soccer Club’s second grant from the partnership.

Club Receives Carlisle Grant
The Greater Carlisle Community Foundation recently awarded a grant of $480 to the Carlisle Soccer Club for the construction of a new fence between the driveway and the playing areas.

"This fence will keep our players safer by keeping them away from incoming cars," says LeClaire. "It should also help us maintain safe traffic patterns inside the complex."

The grant will cover materials for about 240 feet fencing, which will be installed with volunteer labor. The Club is seeking additional dollars to complete more than 1,500 feet of fencing around the complex eventually.


Hey, coach?!

Every season, the Carlisle Soccer Club struggles as we set up teams for the new season because we don’t have enough coaches. And registration for the fall season is now open!

Have you ever thought about coaching? If so, now’s the time to give it a shot.

We provide a variety of informal and formal club-level training and actively support our coaches’ participation at state-level training to create the best atmosphere for becoming a better soccer player. Specifically, the Carlisle Soccer Club rewards coaches for completing a youth module administered by the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA), and we provide partial reimbursement for E- and D-level certification from ISA.Coaching modules and E license courses are a great way to learn from experienced coaches. You’ll learn what motives and drives youth soccer players, how to teach them the critical fundamental techniques of the game and how to play with purpose and strategy.

And you’ll help your Club get stronger.

Some of our coaches have been coaching for several years and others are just getting started. Some have played the game before, but others have never touched a soccer ball. Most have had success coaching, no matter their skill. What’s important is their motivation! 

If you’d like to learn more about coaching, talk to Ken Sadler, director of coaching at 321-6221. He’ll make sure we find a place for you this fall season.