Carlisle Soccer Club Board of Directors

The Carlisle Soccer Club is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors whose mission is to promote youth soccer through coaching, training, example and participation in league team soccer; and to stimulate and encourage teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation in sports among our community’s children.

The current board members are:

Open, President

Melissa Karnatz, Vice-President  (240-7026)

Jasen McKibbinDirector of Coaching

Michelle McKibbin, Registrar

Todd Erzen, Secretary (822-4141)

Chad Oppedal, Treasurer, (256-2867)

Carrie Waterhouse, Development Director

Bryan Watts , Director of Facilities (419-8684)

Matt Kompsie, Board Member at Large

Nick Waterhouse, Board Member at Large

Open, Volunteer Coordinator

Steve Overton, Referee Coordinator (720-6209)

Paul Nolte, risk management coordinator

You’re encouraged to contact any board member via email or by phone with any questions, comments or concerns.You can mail correspondance to P.O.Box 254, Carlisle, IA 50047.