Carlisle Soccer Club Board of Directors

The Carlisle Soccer Club is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors whose mission is to promote youth soccer through coaching, training, example and participation in league team soccer; and to stimulate and encourage teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation in sports among our community’s children.

The current board members are:

Melissa Karnatz, President

Matt Kompsie, Vice-President  (240-7026)

Carrie Waterhouse, Secretary (822-4141)

Chad Oppedal, Treasurer, (256-2867)

Michelle McKibbin, Registrar

Jasen McKibbinDirector of Coaching

Bryan Watts , Director of Facilities (419-8684)

Nick Waterhouse, Board Member at Large

Carlisle Soccer Club Non-Board of Directors Volunteer Positions

Open, Volunteer Coordinator

Steve Overton, Referee Coordinator (720-6209)


You’re encouraged to contact any board member via email or by phone with any questions, comments or concerns.You can mail correspondance to P.O.Box 254, Carlisle, IA 50047.