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Frequently Asked Questions about our new uniforms

The Club will be getting new uniforms starting in the fall 2012 season. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this decision:

1. Why is the club changing uniforms?


The club chose to move to new uniforms for a number of different reasons. Clubs generally review uniforms every 3-4 years based mainly on availability of the existing uniforms and feedback on the quality of the existing uniform. In our case, the club had received a substantial amount of negative feedback over the years about the grey uniforms. Mainly, the feedback was centered around quality and style (why aren’t you using Carlisle colors?)

The decision on the U6 and U8 uniforms was based on the need to have an alternative to wearing practice pinnies, which was uniformly disliked. We explored a number of different options and felt that the reversible was the best option for the club. Red and White home and away shirts were used several years ago, but we found that it was too difficult to remember which shirt to wear. With the reversible, you always have both jerseys.

2. Which uniform do I need?

U6 and U8 players will use the red and white reversible jersey with red shorts and red socks

U10 – U19 players will wear the red and yellow striped jersey with black shorts and red socks.

3. Where do I get my uniform?

All uniforms are to be purchased at Soccer Connections, located at 3233 100th Street in Urbandale (515-270-8141). Note that the Grand Avenue location is now closed and they have an expanded store at the Urbandale location.

4. When do I need to order my uniform?

To guarantee delivery of your uniform by the first game, your order needs to be placed by July 15.

5. My child has played before; can they use the same shorts from the old uniform?

If you child has played in previous seasons, they can use there existing shorts and socks if they are U6/U8. Soccer Connections has a full uniform kit that you can purchase (jersey, shorts, socks) or you can just purchase the pieces that you need.

6. Can I choose my own uniform number?

Yes, the club does not attempt to track or manage uniform numbers. If you have a specific number that you want, you can request it, if not, a random number will be assigned.

7. Are there special washing instructions for the new uniform?

The numbers and club logo are heat transferred to the uniform. To ensure that both the number and logo do not degrade over time, it is recommended that you hang dry the uniform. If you are in a pinch and must dry the jersey, dry it inside out to protect the number and logo.

8. How are the uniforms sized?

The new uniforms are sized differently than our previous uniforms, especially the striped jersey. The style is a more European soccer style and runs smaller than normal. I highly recommend that you go into the store to try on the jersey. Please do not call and ask what size your child needs. The only way to ensure you get the right size is to try on the jersey.

9. What is the cost of the uniforms?

U6/U8 kit:
• High Five Reversable Jersey $17 (with logo printing)
• High Five Red Short $8
• Red Socks $5

U10-U19 kit
• Joma Pisa 12 Jersey $35 (with number and embroidered logo)
• Joma Black Short $10.50
• Joma Red Socks $4.20

10. What other equipment do I need?


• Shinguards $10 – $30
• Soccer cleats $20 – ?
• Soccer Ball $10 – $50 depending on quality

Other optional equipment
• Bag/Backpack $20 – $50


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact a board member.

Fall registration is now open

Go now to the registration page and get signed up for the fall soccer season in Carlisle!

Please don’t wait until the late fee deadline of June 22nd to get signed up. The earlier you sign up, the easier it is for the Club to make team assignments and find coaches for the fall.

Arts Festival just around the corner: we need your help!

What better way to get in on the action with one of Des Moines’ BIGGEST events than to VOLUNTEER with the CARLISLE SOCCER CLUB at our beer/wine tent at the Des Moines Arts Festival. 

Grab a few of your friends, family or co-workers and sign up for a shift or two! This is a great way to give back to the community and have some fun while your doing it!  

The weekend of the Arts Festival is June 22-24 and you can sign up to volunteer here.  

If you have never joined in on the fun at the Arts Festival before you will have to take a one-hour beer/wine training session. This session is May 17th from 11:30-12:30pm or 5:30-6:30pm at the Des Moines Playhouse. Another date will also be offered in June, that is TBD. When you sign up to volunteer you will get the information for the session. (If you’ve served at our tent in past years, you’ll just need to sign a form stating that you’ve taken the class.) Please remember to put your shirt size in as well!! 

Admission to the festival is free. This will not cost you anything. UNLESS, you take time for yourself to stay and enjoy the Arts Festival before or after your shift and buy some great art!  

The Arts Festival is a HUGE fundraiser for our Soccer Club!! This eliminates our children (or us as parents!!) going door to door to do fundraising! So, again come on out and enjoy the Arts Festival and help promote Carlisle Soccer!   

Spread the word!  If you know of someone that would like to volunteer point them in our direction!  We enjoy new faces! For more information, contact Melissa Karnatz, director of volunteers, at 240-7026.  

Concession stand is back open this season!

The soccer season opener is just around the corner. Opening games are Saturday/Sunday (March 30/April 1). We WILL have a concession stand again this year on Sunday afternoons, thanks to the efforts of our new director of volunteers, Melissa Karnatz and all the volunteers that have signed up to help out. The concession stand is an important part of the experience at the Carlisle Soccer Complex and provides a valuable service for families watching games on Sunday afternoons, so please make sure you fill your assigned time.

And thanks in advance for helping make soccer in Carlisle possible!

Here’s the schedule!

Buy, finance or refinance your home and score a big donation!

Thinking about buying or selling your house? Here’s a chance to help the Carlisle Soccer Club and it won’t cost you a dime.

Carlisle soccer parents Deric and Kathy Kidd have teamed up to offer a fantastic deal for home buyers and sellers..and the Carlisle Soccer Club. When you buy or sell your home with Kathy, a Realtor with REMAX Opportunities in Ankeny, she will donate 25% of the net Realtor professional fees to the Club in your name. When you finance (or refinance) with Deric, a senior loan officer with Academy Mortgage in Urbandale, He will donate up to $400 of the banker’s fees.

Buying a $180,000 home, for example, would mean a donation of approximately $1,400 to $1,600 to the Club with no cost to you! If Kathy sells your home and helps you buy one, the donation could be more than $2,500!  

This offers applies when you buy a home, sell a home, or refinance. There is no increase in fees to cover these contributions. This offer applies to anywhere in the Des Moines metro and surrounding communities, so tell your family, friends and co-workers. It’s just the Kidd’s way of giving back to the community.

For more information contact:

Kathy Kidd, Realtor
REMAX Opportunities

Deric Kidd
Academy Mortgage

Get your Carlisle Soccer on!

Fall weather is coming, so that means it’s time to get your Carlisle Soccer Fan Gear. Hats, caps, shirts, warm ups and other great logo gear are available from Iowa-based Van Ginkle’s sporting goods.

Download the Carlisle gear order form, fill it out and turn it in with your check (made out to VanGinkles’ Sporting Goods) to the concession stand by September 26th. You can pick up your order at the concession stand two weeks later!

If you have questions, contact Mark True or Lisa Wilson.

Hey, coach?!

Every season, the Carlisle Soccer Club struggles as we set up teams for the new season because we don’t have enough coaches. And registration for the fall season is now open!

Have you ever thought about coaching? If so, now’s the time to give it a shot.

We provide a variety of informal and formal club-level training and actively support our coaches’ participation at state-level training to create the best atmosphere for becoming a better soccer player. Specifically, the Carlisle Soccer Club rewards coaches for completing a youth module administered by the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA), and we provide partial reimbursement for E- and D-level certification from ISA.Coaching modules and E license courses are a great way to learn from experienced coaches. You’ll learn what motives and drives youth soccer players, how to teach them the critical fundamental techniques of the game and how to play with purpose and strategy.

And you’ll help your Club get stronger.

Some of our coaches have been coaching for several years and others are just getting started. Some have played the game before, but others have never touched a soccer ball. Most have had success coaching, no matter their skill. What’s important is their motivation! 

If you’d like to learn more about coaching, talk to Ken Sadler, director of coaching at 321-6221. He’ll make sure we find a place for you this fall season.



Order your Carlisle Soccer gear today!

Just in case you haven’t seen the latest order form, here it is for download! Complete the form, attach your check made out to Van Ginkel’s and turn it in this Sunday at the concession stand if you want to get it as a part of the next club-wide printing. If you’re not ready, but still want to grab some great gear, complete the form and mail it in to Van Ginkel’s directly.



Follow Carlisle Soccer on Twitter

if you’re a Twitter user, follow @CarlisleSoccer for news and announcements about soccer in Carlisle, Iowa!

10 things parents can do to be a better soccer club

If every Carlisle Soccer Club parent (coaches, refs, fans included) read and followed these 10 tips, we’d have the best soccer club in the state, no doubt. It comes to us from US Youth Soccer Positive Parenting Program)

Top Ten Things Coaches Wish Parents Would Do
By Mike Baptiste

1. Try to get the players to practice on time, fully equipped, and ready to go. While we understand some kids have back to back activities and account for that, there’s no reason for a player without a previous activity to arrive at the field the minute practice starts. Players should arrive 5-10 minutes early, ready to play, with cleats/shin guards on, with a properly inflated ball and a water bottle.

2. Let us know in advance if your child won’t be able to make practice or a match. Based on the number of players who can’t make a given event, it can affect how we plan to run things. You don’t need to ask permission – just let us know a couple days in advance if you can.

3. Pay attention at practices. If you have a child that can be a challenge – stick around at practice at least once a week and watch. If your child starts to become a distraction to the team during practice, ask the coach if they want you to step in and take care of it. Some may, some may not. But don’t just drop your child off and run away, knowing they may be disruptive. It’s not fair to the
rest of the team. And don’t ignore the obvious because it’s your child. We coaches want EVERY child to have a chance to play and enjoy the game, but disruptive children sometimes become too much for a coach to handle and a parent really needs to step in and handle things.

4. Refrain from coaching from the sidelines. I say this as someone who is as guilty as any. Being a coach AND a parent, it can often be impossible to keep my mouth shut. But coaches want the players to focus on the game and any instruction they may shout out from the team touchline. So stick to cheering and encouragement. If you find the urge to coach overbearing – ask the coach if
they need an assistant!

5. Put your folding chairs at LEAST 4 yards away from the touchline. Many fields do not include ‘parent boundary lines’, so often parents are so close to the touchline that players can’t even take a step to throw the ball in. Plus it’s a danger to players trying to make sliding saves or who collide/trip/lose control near the parents.

6. Respect our decisions as coaches and if you have a problem, approach us about it. Don’t bottle it up inside, let it stew, and share it among the rest of the parents. We’re not perfect, but perhaps given some additional explanation you might understand what we did. If not, at least you know why we did what we did.It also helps us to identify possible "blind spots" that we are not
aware of. So communicating with us is a win/win situation.

7. Try to have your paperwork, fees, and any other administrative stuff taken care of well in advance. Even teams with adept team managers can be affected by parents dragging their feet with paperwork, confirming availability, and fees. If you’re having financial trouble and need help, please ask for help! Yes, it can be awkward, but we have financial aid programs in place. We coaches just want the kids to play, have fun, and learn.

8. Don’t scream at your kids on or off the field if they make mistakes. That’s how they learn. Too many players are afraid of making mistakes at a young age on the field. A lot of this is because they don’t want to hear their parents screaming at them from the sideline. Making mistakes are an integral part of the learning process.

9. Volunteer to help your team or the club. ALL of you. We are always in need of more help. Often a small group of individuals donate tons of time ensuring the teams and club operates smoothly. So when they ask for help doing concessions, tournament help, paperwork, uniforms, field maintenance, etc., offer to help. Too many clubs rely on a core group of committed but overworked volunteers to run things because parents aren’t willing to donate an hour or two during the season. They aren’t asking you to commit to multiple hours every week for the entire season (though they’d love it if you could!). Many hands make for light work.

10. Have fun. Youth soccer should be fun for kids AND adults alike. By keeping a level head and a positive attitude, you can have about as much fun as your child does. So keep things in perspective and have fun!