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Arts Festival Wrap-up

We had another great year at the Des Moines Arts Festival. Nice weather on Friday night and Sunday afternoon meant there was a good crowd. Saturday night’s cool temps didn’t scare anyone away, either. 

Total tips for the beef and wine tent staffed by Carlisle Soccer volunteers totaled $1422.11!  That’s nearly $400 more than last year! And we still are weeks away from receiving 15% of our sales for the weekend.

Thanks to all those who gave their time, energy and enthusiastic support to our efforts, including: Joel Pech, Joshua Baxter, Suzie Stewart, Ken Sadler, Melissa Sadler, Joe Fortelka, Ellen Towne, Ricardo Alverio, Gaylene Rick, William Rick, Regina Overton, Steve Overton, Mark True, Suzanne VanVeen, Kevin VanVeen, Paul Gruber, Dixie Staecker, Tom Staecker, Jake Whipple, Vicki DeMoss, Paul DeMoss, John Kamerick, Tiffany Kamerick, Marek Sobieszkoda, Clint Smalley, Melody Jutting, Dan Jutting, Dawn Payne, Brian Payne, Kyle Brown, Mellannie Brown, Connie Larson, Michele Manders, Cheryll Polley, Brownie Polley, Krista Beck, Mark Beck, Brendie Polka and Bill Polka. And we can’t forget the tireless work of our director of fundraising, Lisa Wilson, who managed the whole process.

Please keep your calendars open next year. We don’t have an exact dates but the Arts Festival is usually the last weekend in June. We appreciate all our volunteers did for our club and look forward to having you help again in the future.

We are really trying to raise a lot of funds within the next few months to get help get our irrigation in the ground. So, if you have any ideas or are willing to help in our fundraising efforts please let Lisa know.



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