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Arts Festival just around the corner: we need your help!

What better way to get in on the action with one of Des Moines’ BIGGEST events than to VOLUNTEER with the CARLISLE SOCCER CLUB at our beer/wine tent at the Des Moines Arts Festival. 

Grab a few of your friends, family or co-workers and sign up for a shift or two! This is a great way to give back to the community and have some fun while your doing it!  

The weekend of the Arts Festival is June 22-24 and you can sign up to volunteer here.  

If you have never joined in on the fun at the Arts Festival before you will have to take a one-hour beer/wine training session. This session is May 17th from 11:30-12:30pm or 5:30-6:30pm at the Des Moines Playhouse. Another date will also be offered in June, that is TBD. When you sign up to volunteer you will get the information for the session. (If you’ve served at our tent in past years, you’ll just need to sign a form stating that you’ve taken the class.) Please remember to put your shirt size in as well!! 

Admission to the festival is free. This will not cost you anything. UNLESS, you take time for yourself to stay and enjoy the Arts Festival before or after your shift and buy some great art!  

The Arts Festival is a HUGE fundraiser for our Soccer Club!! This eliminates our children (or us as parents!!) going door to door to do fundraising! So, again come on out and enjoy the Arts Festival and help promote Carlisle Soccer!   

Spread the word!  If you know of someone that would like to volunteer point them in our direction!  We enjoy new faces! For more information, contact Melissa Karnatz, director of volunteers, at 240-7026.  

Girls HS Soccer reaches out to Afghanistan

The Carlisle High School Girls Soccer team will be collecting gently used soccer gear to be donated to children in Afghanistan as a part of Operation Outreach, a group dedicated to helping children and families in that war-ravaged country.

Items of consideration are any old uniforms, articles of soccer clothing, used shoes, socks, old soccer balls, etc. Nancy Thorpe, a parent of one of our players and huge fan of our program and soccer in general, has agreed to collect the items at her home in the Easter Lake area of Des Moines.
Please feel free to call Nancy at 515-402-0157 to arrange a time to drop off your donations.

The due date for the collected items is Saturday, January 29th. For more information on how the donations will be distributed please visit the group’s website.

Making a fence

The new parking lot on the northwest side of the complex is taking shape. Thanks to our good neighbor, Howard Goodhue, we put the posts into the ground on a cold Tuesday afternoon. Howard sent his employees – Steve Gilliland and Kendall Fogle – and an end loader down to make quick work of inserting posts. I guess this is pretty standard for farmers, but I was pretty impressed with how the big bucket pushed the 56 posts into the ground like a toothpick in butter. Most went it four feet, but some hit a barrier and we’ll have to cut them off before putting up the rails. Watch this video to see a couple of posts go into the ground.


Small, hard-working crew handles the heat of fall workday

A small group of dedicated folks braved the heat of the day to hep prepare the Carlisle Soccer Complex for the fall season on Saturday, August 21st.

They set marker ropes for the parking lot, lined fields, placed goals, repaired nets and thinned out a lot of dead trees in the tree line (check out the before and after photos above). Local business man Ed Dillman, of Dillman Grading, even stopped by to help smooth out our driveway.

We still need your help. Despite all the wet weather and the lateness of the season, sand burrs have reappeared despite the our application of the recommended chemical treatment earlier this year (does ANYBODY know how to kill these things until our grass gets dominant?). The good news is that our above ground sprinkler is working on a regular schedule again. 

If you have a pick up truck and can give us 15 minutes once a week, we’d appreciate your help with our watering program. Just contact Ryan Woodruff, director of facilities (208-6328).

Thank you, volunteers

Ben Dawson
Keaton, Quinn & Walter Walker
Ken & Melissa Sadler
Mark True
Rob Clark
Lisa & Brian Wilson
William & Gaylene Rick
Dave Kallemyn
Joe Fortelka
David Gutierrez
Ed Dillman

Carlisle players complete community service project

Carlisle Soccer players and friends Taylor Whipple, Ashton Goodhue-Nolte, Lindsey Kamerick and Madison Polley attended the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy (JFSLA) in Chicago last summer, and completed a community sevice project spawned by the camp experience on January 9, 2010. The goal of the project was to introduce young kids to soccer, get them to sign up for soccer with the Carlisle Soccer Club which in turn would help increase funds for the club to help improve field conditions.  The failure of the well pump late last summer slowed progress and the girls wanted to help raise money toward the replacement.

 "The Club needs funds to pay for a costly irrigation system to keep the grass growing," Taylor wrote in her letter to camp leader and former U.S. women’s national team member Julie Foudy.

The girls and their friends from the Crazy Kickers and the Carlise Crush held an indoor soccer clinic for kids ages 4 to 6 years old. All participants received a soccer ball and a "Krazy Crush Clinic" t-shirt. The 35 kids were formed into groups of 8-10 players where they went through several activities such as "Red Light Green Light," "Ghostbusters," "Tail Chase" and many others. Each activity included elements with the soccer ball and some without a ball.

"We taught the kids what part of the foot to dribble with and how to shield the ball," Taylor wrote to Foudy. "The kids had a blast!"
The clinic organizers had registration for spring soccer and information about our club available and several kids registered. The board of directors was so impressed, it’s considering making this an annual event. Besides the core group, other Carlisle soccer players helped with the clinic, including: Emma Staecker, Madison Staecker, Johanna Haack, Mariah Sadler, Jonathan Kamerick, Kyle Whipple and several parent helpers.

The "Krazy Crush" clinic wouldn’t have been such a success without a$250 grant from the JFSLA, and a $200 donations from Sheels and a $150 donation Goodhue-Nolte Insurance.