Parent Resources

Soccer 101

US Youth Soccer Parent Guide: Great introductory guide to the sport of soccer

Laws of the Game Made Easy:  The Laws of the Game are the comprehensive set of rules governing the game of soccer.  This is a fun, scaled down version of the most important rules of the game.

Offsides Made Easy:  Offsides is one of the most confusing rules in the game of soccer.  If your child plays U12 or above, check this out!

Small Sided Games:

Once players get to the U14 age level, they will play 11 v 11 on a full sided field.  Until then, US Youth Soccer recommends playing what is called small-sided games.  For information the benefits and why we play small-sided games until U14, check out the document below:

Why Small Sided Games

Responsible Sports Parenting

Liberty Mutual and The Positive Coaching Alliance have partnered to provide some really excellent information that all parents of athletes should read, regardless of the sport they play.  There are 7 modules of information for sports parents covering a wide range of sports parenting topics.  The links to the information are below:


Additional Resources

momsTeam, the trusted source for sports parents