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Practice & Playing Time Policy – While the Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League states that recreational players are guaranteed 50 percent playing time for u14 and below, and 33 percent playing time for u15 and above, the Carlisle Soccer Club board of directors believes strongly that coaches must have the ability to enforce some rules regarding practice attendance and participation. Enjoying the game of soccer requires regular attendance at training sessions, active, focused and ongoing participation in skills-building drills (individual and group) and the comraderie that emerges from being a n active and motivated member of a team. To participate irregularly by choice or over-scheduling of other activities deprives the individual player of the developmental opportunities and harms the whole team’s ability to enjoy the game.

Therefore, the Carlislel Soccer Club board of directors, has adopted the following policy regarding playing time for recreational teams:

Whereas regular and motivated participation in training sessions impacts the ability to enjoy the game of soccer – as an individual and as a team:

1.) players who do not attend* any practices in the week prior to a game are not guaranteed playing time;

2.) players who do not attend* all practices in the week prior to a game are guaranteed no more than 50 percent playing time for u14 and below teams, and 33 percent playing time for u15 and above teams;

3.) coaches are required to communicate this policy at the beginning of the season so all players understand the requirements;

4.) disciplinary measures are ultimately the coach’s responsibility and are in place to create a fair playing program for all players involved;

5.) tournament playing time is at the discretion of the coach and may be based on a variety of criteria, including practice attendance, effort on the field and team advancement potential.

* Absences from practice may be excused due to illness or other reasons at the coach’s discretion.

Volunteer/Fundraising Policy – Our organization depends on volunteers. If your schedule will not allow you to volunteer as a Coach, a Referee, Grounds Work, Club Fundraising Helper, Board Member, Concessions or Team Parent a Volunteer Buyout fee of $50 is due at registration.

Please understand the Carlisle Soccer Club does not participate in direct sales fundraising or door-to-door sales fundraising programs. The Carlisle Soccer Club will hold event fundraisers each season (such as staffing special events concessions, car washes, etc.). Volunteering your time for these events will fulfill your volunteer obligation for the season.

Any member of the Carlisle Soccer Club that did not pay the volunteer buyout fee is obligated to participate actively in the Club-wide fundraising events during the season.

Further, individual teams may conduct team-specific fundraisers (see separate team fundraising policy), which may include door-to-door collections of cans, car washes or other events, but these activities DO NOT count toward your volunteer obligation to the Club.

Download the new volunteer policy which goes into effect Spring 2011.