Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered your time to keep soccer alive in Carlisle…especially those who have signed up to serve our visitors in the concession stand.

Download the Concession Schedule Here

(Updated 9/7/2014)

We can’t make soccer in Carlisle thrive if everyone doesn’t pitch in. It looks bad to our visitors when we have to close the concessions stand because we don’t have volunteers. AND the concession stand helps us raise a little more money for the things we need to buy to keep soccer growing in Carlisle.

You are responsible for your assigned time, so if you can’t make it, please find a replacement. Please remember to sign the sheet when you show up for your shift. If you don’t show up for your shift or don’t sign in during your shift you will be billed the volunteer opt-out fee at the end of the season and WILL NOT be allowed to sign up again until that fee is paid.