Our Soccer Club, like most recreation-only soccer clubs, is an all-volunteer effort. Nothing happens without volunteers. And like most clubs, 80 percent of the work is done by 20 percent of the potential volunteers. We don’t have to follow that trend. If more of us stand up to help out, we’ll create a better experience for our children.

Because of the difficulty finding volunteers in the past, we’ve had to institute a volunteer opt-out fee as a part of the registration process. Like Little League Baseball, softball and other sports programs in Carlisle, you can opt out of volunteering by paying fee at registration. If you don’t pay the fee, you’ll be contacted to help mow the fields, pick up trash, run the concession stand, and do other activities that need to be done to have a successful club.

If you paid the opt out fee than you have already fulfilled your Volunteer Commitment

During registration, you indicated which volunteer Job you would like to perform.

Concession Volunteers: A fully staffed shift is important to the other volunteers, members and visitors to our complex. The Carlisle Soccer Club appreciates your support and asks that you make every effort to work your shift or find a replacement. Download spring the schedule for your shift. If you or your replacement does not show up for your scheduled shift, you will be held responsible for your original shift and assessed a $50 no-show fee. There are sign-in sheets on-site and available when you arrive for all shifts.

Field Maintenance Team. These volunteers will take on the mowing, irrigation and field striping work during the season. The more people we get to volunteer their time, the smaller and shorter the tasks. If you’re interested in serving the Club in this position, please contact Bryan Watts, Facilities Director, at 515-419-8684

Fundraising Team. These volunteers will work under the direction of Lisa Wilson, Development Director, as she seeks out corporate partners and writes grant applications to support our growth investments. If you’re interested in serving the Club in this role, please contact Melissa Karnatz at 515-240-7026.

If you do not fulfill your obligation by the end of the season you will be billed a $50.00 Opt-Out Fee and your son or daughter will not be able to play until the fee is paid next season.